How to Apply For Free Samples

Here is a youtube video showing the process. Also its explained in text below =)




1. First head straight to the Homepage HERE

2. There you will find down the middle is listed all the samples that are currently on offer

Open one your interested in, by clicking on the title or picture. This will open the sample page.


3. Up the top will be some info on the sample, scroll down to the purple treasure chest button ( See Image Below)
Clicking on the treasure chest will open up the sample application form




Each sample application form is different, as they are all from different companies. but basically enter all your details address etc, and answer any questions they ask. push submit and you good to go.

Some of the time you will receive an email from the company to verify your email address, or just to confirm your sample request, so make sure you use a real email address.

Goodluck and you feel free to ask any questions you like, thats what im here for

Free Samples Australia By Mail Only